As a school going for QISS emerged status, our Critical Friend has
beenvery supportive, open and honest with her support and
guidance about how we achieve the mark. Our Critical Friend
has alwaysbeen available to contact and has given considerable and
detailed feedback as we have developed. Our Critical Friend shows
great understanding of students wants and needs and how they
develop across school with different aims, ambitions and

Simon Hills, Monks Walk, Director of learning - PE

Our Critical Friend has worked closely with St Mary's in implementing
and developing a programme of academic focused SS. Her work
initially supported in identifying the needs of our vulnerable
students and then constructing a programme of support to help
engage this group and further academic progress, social
development and self esteem. Our Critical Friend has also been
instrumental in guiding St Mary's through to QISS accreditation at
emerged level."

Steve Warner, Asst Head, St Mary's High

I just wanted to let you know that I was at Monks Walk with County Councillors on Thurs doing a visit for the healthy schools scrutiny panel. They talked a little while we were there about the QISS work they have been doing and the impact it has had. I thought you would like to know because the members were really impressed and the school staff were very positive. I know they have their recognition day soon (or whatever you call it - sorry my brain is dead after a day of teaching!!!) and I was impressed with them.

Louise Shuttleworth Healthy Schools Adviser - Healthy Eating Hertfordshire

"Working with our Critical Friend has fundamentally transformed the way our students learn and our staff view learning within Monk's Walk School. Our Critical Friend has introduced a new ethos through the importance of Study Support which has culminated in better attainment and a fuller education for our students."

Adam Lancaster, Librarian Monks Walk School 2011

Infectious enthusiasm makes things happen vast experience of working with children understands educational issues will always offer real life examples lots of contacts/ networking practical, unfussy approach makes time for individuals and always supportive excellent personal touch analytical approach with an ability to identify the key issue

A Dobberson – Asst Head. Tring School

The work that our Critical Friend has completed with Barclay School has been fundamental in developing a coherent vision and strategy that will help raise the attainment of all students in our school through the use of Study Support. I look forward to being challenged and guided through the next phase of the schools development of Extended Learning Opportunities.

Dan Allerton, Assistant Head, Barclay School 2011

Thank you both very much for all the help and encouragement you have given us throughout this process. We are relieved and very pleased that we were successful in attaining the emerged level and look forward to engaging with you again when we are ready to go for the established level or possibly working on further projects.
Many thanks

Raj Watford Hindu & Gujarati School


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